Fribourg Région Tourism
L'Union Fribourgeoise du Tourisme

Every opportunity to work in the travel space is a privilege...but this project was personally significant. 
Because I used to live in Fribourg in 2011 and ever since then, I had held Switzerland very close to my heart.
When I landed a 3-day project with l'Union Fribourgeoise du Tourisme to show off this beautiful region of Switzerland, it was a major 'pinch-me' moment. 

The Client

L'Union Fribourgeoise du Tourisme is the tourism board of the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.

The Brief

UFT engaged me to create and collaborate on destination marketing content (blog, photographs + video).

The campaign goal was to increase awareness of the Fribourg Region as a potential travel destination in foreign tourism markets.

They wanted to leverage some of what made me a unique micro-influencer to them; the lens was through the eyes of not just a traveller, but a female Australian photographer with a Vietnamese background - primarily beautiful creative and that renowned Aussie laidback + fun nature!


The Solution

Over a 3-day famil, I vlogged my adventures through Instagram Stories as well as posted a daily highlight on @thuc.creative.

The aim was to create a genuine narrative of what there is to do in the region, focussing on the variety; from adventure, to gastronomy, to relaxation. 

Relevant stakeholders were always tagged. 

Below are the assets created:


Fully licensed image library

High-resolution photographs delivered to UFT, as well as other stakeholders involved in the project, for both digital and print usage.

Our contract was for 50 photographs but I delivered 70.


The UFT team also created a short video of our 3-day project.


The Results

100% successful!

We really enjoyed our 3-day partnership with Thuc.

Her professionalism, the quality of her photos, her genuinity & sincerity really allowed us to have a new approach to Fribourg Region’s destination marketing.

In addition, the results obtained with the video, over 70 photos received, the very high quality blog and the many interactions on Instagram have made this cooperation a total success.

For all these reasons, we warmly recommend Thuc. Another big thank you for your work, Thuc, and see you soon!
— Nicolas Schmid | Project Manager | Fribourg Région Tourism


Total traffic to blog - 273 page views to date

Total views of video - over 113,000 views to date


The regional newspaper, La Liberté, then picked up the project, with an editorial piece in their Tourism section on me as an Australian photographer/blogger/influencer promoting Fribourg.

This was published in print on Saturday 17th February 2018 as well as online, with a free short version and the full article available only for subscribers.




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