This mountain town that I now call home.

It’s no secret to anyone that I love travelling. Without safety being a concern, there would be no place on Earth that I wouldn’t hesitate to explore. In my early 20s, my wanderlist was endless. But between 2015-2018, I came back to New Zealand six times. I came back to Queenstown five times.

Back in November, just before returning to Sydney from a month in and around Queenstown, I started to find the words to describe why I love this town so much. Now that I officially live here, the words couldn’t be clearer.

I am a relatively intense person - not in the sense that I am always deep or impassioned or emotional but in the way that I don’t do moderation or on-the-fence. I like to deliberately spend most of my time at either ends of the spectrum. In a dream or on a mission. Zero fucks or all in. Silly banter or meaning of life.

I have found that most places (and people) float aimlessly somewhere in the middle.

Queenstown is the only place that has me somehow feeling a simultaneous ‘low’ of feeling grounded and at ease and ‘high’ of feeling always inspired and fulfilled. It’s a state I have always sought and now I get to be in it, day in and day out.

Someone mentioned how they had read about the contrast of the low-lying Lake Wakatipu and sky-piercing peaks of the Remarkables creating this strong energy here; this powerful push and pull. Whatever it is has me feeling right at home.



  • BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. I couldn’t have met more special people if I’d tried. I fall fast into friendships but it seems like others do so here too :)

  • Working at lululemon; I love my team, the community, the brand ethos and the conversations I get to have with our guests; it’s literally chatting about training, travel and this town which are all topics I am endlessly passionate about.

  • Being able to see the mountains and an expanse of sky every single damn day

  • When Simo came to visit <3 I have travelled with so many people over the years but showing Simo my new home will forever be special and something that I believe will always connect us. We had the best time exploring, snacking, drinking and swimming in glacial waters (I only went in once and laughed at him every other time). He slept on my floor and met some of the new people in my life. I loved seeing how much he loved it all.

  • The abundance mentality that is rife here. Everyone is eager to connect and to share. If time is a currency then I have found that most people here are incredibly rich and generous with it!

  • I knew being here would greatly help with my career aspirations to be a full-time content creator; from photography, to writing, to social media. I love it all. Only 8 weeks in and I’m feeling good.


  • For the third time in six months, I felt disappointed by someone. But the ownership is mine. Something I learnt last year was to ‘trust the pattern’; what we say and do is subjective and incongruent but if we take a step back and look at the pattern, we will find objectivity. The common denominator in this pattern is me. I guess I have certain expectations in relationships and the key to either aligning or making room for them is communication. I will aim to be a clearer communicator.
    Then again…maybe J.Cole is right ;)
    ”Fool me one time, shame on you
    Fool me twice, can't put the blame on you
    Fool me three times, fuck the peace signs
    Load the chopper, let it rain on you”



You may know that I journal every day and I post regularly on Instagram…but there’s a clarity and even catharsis about having it all in the one place. I’m not sure how often I will post these periodic updates but thank you for reading this one xx