The word that comes to me when I think back on my time spent at The Sherwood Hotel is 'mindful'. 

Of course, establishments exist to make profit but it's so refreshing and heartwarming to see one do it in such a conscious and personal way...and in a way that compliments and respects Queenstown's stunning natural beauty. 

It started with even the door key - engraved with my room number and hanging off a hand-stitched leather keychain.

Once inside the room, I noticed how the glassware and plates were displayed on a peg board like an art gallery - and in fact, that's what the room was like; a thoughtful curation of comfort and sustainable luxe.


The structure of the hotel + rooms still reminisces of the original mid-80s motel that stood here so initially, you might be underwhelmed or even slightly put off (let's be honest, motels usually aren't great). But look closer because the room is sprinkled with little touches like pink-purple crystals, a gorgeous merino wool wall hanging, a delicate feather pendant, a soft, shaggy rug that I'd love to unfurl in my study and a personalised, hand-written note. The lighting is warm and romantic, throwing beautiful shadows, radiating from eco-friendly LED bulbs out of nostalgic vintage wall lamps. 


I fangirl over texture in anything + everything from clothing, to house décor, to architecture, to art and of course, photography. There was so much delicious texture in the space from the organic cork walls to the rubber flooring made from upcycled tyres to the thick and heavy South Island wool. The compendium was artfully presented and an actual joy to read, written in a real storytelling voice as opposed to the generic, formal tone hotels typically use - but let's face it, I was already won over by the cover; a quote that I so resonate with, embossed in gold on beautifully textured, heavy, midnight blue paper. The "Service Please" sign was also unique; hand-painted and made with wood and rope - no boring plastic door hangers here.

I also loved the bed and combined with the heating, it was the most wonderful nook to get out of the cold and come home to. 


We are attempting to enter the Sydney housing market so every dollar counts. Whilst I was in Queenstown, I tried not to eat out too much. That being said, I made a big, big exception for drinks. To my delight, even the mini-bar was carefully curated with New Zealand craft beers. I had, however, reserved all my beer-drinking for Atlas Beer Cafe...but it's not a solo stay in a hotel without a nightly glass of wine and I was in vino-heaven with the Greywacke Pinot Noir - seriously, so good.

(Also, I did sample some of the chocolate granola on my first night as I got in quite late and was too lazy to get back into my Fiat Punto that I didn't yet know how to drive. It was nice but it's grain-free so no crunchy toasted muesli!)

Apparently, the restaurant is excellent - I'll just have to come back next time to find out for myself.  


I'm not sure what the scent was in my room but it was definitely something therapeutic.

Even the tea collection was on brand with an organic range. The Pukka "Detox" blend of aniseed, fennel and cardamom was as, if not more, invigorating to smell than it was to taste and it was the perfect way to wake up just in time to shoot the sunrise each morning. 

In the shower were manuka honey and myrtle "The Woods' bath amenities and had they come in smaller bottles, I would've nabbed them! I especially love the little graphic on the bottles that ties it in with the overarching hotel theme and mood - again, it's all in the details.


Bear in mind that parking is directly outside the rooms, in true motel-style, so you will hear the cars. I mostly felt sorry for my neighbours because I was getting up and leaving before even the crack of dawn.

This is semi-related to the hotel - if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I am somewhat a fan of Ed Sheeran (I've considered buying this t-shirt which combines my love of Ed and NZ). I played his songs on repeat whilst staying at The Sherwood Hotel as well as watched his Carpool Karaoke - testament to the top-notch WiFi here!

Something I read that perfectly sums up the hotel is, "Everything we do is about reflecting a sense of place, a connection to nature and a moment in time." I will be back x