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I've been wracking my brain as to how to GIVE to you, to say thank you for supporting my work. I wish it could be more...but for now, maybe I can add a little bit of beauty to your everyday with one of the below wallpapers.

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Matterhorn at sunset, Switzerland

Matterhorn at sunset, Jan 18

Zermatt, Switzerland

Throughout history and across cultures, mountains have been revered as holy and powerful places. I have always believed this too, but never more so than now.

To date, Matterhorn is the most special peak I have ever seen. She is colossal and majestic and makes you blink twice every time you see her to make sure she is really there.

We were in Zermatt during the worst storm since sightings of the incredible Matterhorn were rare. This was the only night out of five that we would see her and to see these fiery, vivid clouds blowing off the was truly breathtaking.

Cape Farewell, New Zealand

Cape Farewell, Oct 17

Cape Farewell, New Zealand

This place held some kind of staggering power over us. Every inch, alive, electric. It was everything - the rock carved more perfectly by the elements than hands and tools ever could, the ocean’s roar, the ever-changing light, the howling wind. The edge of something devastatingly beautiful.



Grindelwald, Switzerland

In my dreams, you'll find me here xx

Stars at Seal Rocks, Australia

Grounded but reaching high

Seal Rocks, Australia

To strive for more and still be present here + now and without losing touch with who you are, what you stand for, what means most. This is what I think of when I see these trees, growing tall, reaching towards the galaxies.

Astrophotography is like meditation to me. I have to tear myself away...otherwise, I'd be there all night, stargazing.

Moleson summit, Switzerland

Au sommet du Moléson, Jan 18

Moléson, Switzerland.

On the summit of Moléson, considered the Matterhorn of the Fribourg Region in Switzerland...

All day, it was a monochrome landscape, the fog hiding sky and mountains. It took us going up to 2,000 metres and waiting over an hour, over fondue and tea, to be able to finally see this...

Standing above a sea of clouds, surrounded by more snow-covered mountaintops than I could count...I didn’t know whether to uncontrollably laugh or cry. So moving.

The perfect end to my partnership with Fribourg Region Tourism (a dream come true).

Australian summers, sunrise

Australian summer sun, Dec 17

Austinmer Beach, Australia

There’s always a moment during sunrise where everything seems like it could come to a halt. It’s when the sun is almost completely broken out over the horizon...I half-expect it to get stuck there. And it’s this tiny second of standstill that sets me alight and then propels me forward into the day.

Stars over Matterhorn, Switzerland

Starry skies over Matterhorn, Jan 18

Zermatt, Switzerland

Life is good when you can see the stars twinkling over Matterhorn from your hotel room.

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Secret beaches, Oct 17

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

This one is for the water babies...countless little, hideaway beaches in Abel Tasman National Park, waiting for you to discover them.