Thuc Do is an Australian Female Content Creator in the travel, adventure and outdoor spaces.
A photographer and writer VERY SOON TO BE LIVING in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Thuc Do | Thuc Creative


Okay that’s enough 3rd person…

I'm a freelance photographer and writer (with a Vietnamese background so hence the unique name!) with a lifelong affliction that the Germans call fernweh (a yearning for far-flung places) and an enthusiasm to live a passionate and intentional life.

 I have an unashamedly romantic view on life: 

I love smartphones but I miss the days where I had to use actual maps and ask people for directions - or even better, get delightfully lost in new, beautiful towns.

I wish I could sing or play the guitar because then I feel that I'd never be lonely.

I love real books, art galleries and elite sportspeople because, to me, all three represent devotion to a passion.

And there is little in this world that inspires me as much as seeing heart-filled human feats; seeing people do what they love and the unadulterated joy that radiates from them when they do so (I mean, have you ever watched a gold medal win at the Olympics??)

I am also greatly inspired (and often, moved to tears!) by big landscapes - and by this, I mean MOUNTAINS.
There are only a handful of instances in life where I have felt completely fulfilled and they all involve the mountains.
They uplift and humble me.
But of course, I happen to be born and bred on Earth's flattest continent! Go figure.

Thuc Do | Thuc Creative

 Through photography, I freeze beautiful and powerful moments to inspire you to dream big and live big, to chase your own versions of adventure and fulfilment.
I know that what sets your soul on fire will not be the same as for me - but I hope that my work, and seeing me chase my dreams, will motivate you to find what does.

Other things you may find interesting about me: I am She Went Wild's (a women's adventure community) Digital Marketing Manager + Events Coordinator, I can speak French and Vietnamese, I am obsessed with Switzerland (used to live there in 2011) and New Zealand, I worked in finance for 4 years, I have a hot cross bun addiction you can now tell, I love stories.

And I will always have time to hear yours :)

So go on and use the below form or the little chatbot to send me a message, even if it's not to work together but just to say hi! 

PS. Did you know I'm a fitness photographer too?

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