Thuc Do is an Australian Female photographer + Content Creator in the travel, adventure and outdoor spaces.
currently living in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Thuc Do | Thuc Creative


Okay that’s enough 3rd person…

I'm a freelance creative who freezes moments that inspire you to chase your own versions of adventure and fulfilment.

I know that what sets your soul on fire will not be the same as for me - but I hope that my work and the way that I live, so driven by passion, will motivate you to find what does.

Work and projects that I love to be part of:

  • content creation for outdoor brands. For example, the launch of the Merrell Gridways in Australia. I love taking product into the outdoors to give it thorough testing, whilst creating beautiful imagery, accompanied by compelling storytelling.

  • documenting inspiring events. I love photographing fitness retreats events like this Lululemon Sweat Sunday, community gatherings like this fundraiser trivia night, interactive workshops and seminars and more.

  • social media management. I love storytelling in all its formats. Social media gives us the opportunity to combine imagery, words, stills and video and bring it to life with personality. Done well, with refined subtlety, variation and direction, it is so powerful and can create connection that actually drives action. I manage the social media accounts for She Went Wild, seeing 20% growth in Instagram, 10% in Facebook and 10% in mailing list over the last year.

  • photography for coaches and gyms. The work you do is absolutely crucial. To be welcomed into a gym and trusted to document its team and members is a real privilege. My work is then used both digitally and in print to increase the gym’s impact.

Thuc Do | Thuc Creative


Other things you may find interesting about me: 

  • I am a freelance digital marketer as well and my two main clients are She Went Wild (a women’s adventure company) and Adventure Film Tours (adventure film distributor - think ‘Free Solo’ style!)

  • I have a Bachelor of Business + Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and worked in finance for 4 years

  • I can speak French, Vietnamese and English (obviously!)

  • I lived in Switzerland in 2011

  • I am the eldest of 4 kids :)

  • I love baked goods (croissants + hot cross buns especially), red wine, tea, craft beers (love a good stout), meat pies, medium rare steaks, sushi and all Vietnamese food. There’s literally nothing that I don’t eat.


    I will always have time to hear yours :)

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